The Handmade/Homemade satellite exhibit at Pace University, New York City, is now up in Birnbaum Library. The exhibit includes work by the following artists:

Amber Atiya
Demian DinéYazhi’
Christine Leclerc
Rasheedah Phillips
a rawlings
Kate Schapira
Jared Stanley
Juniper White/Dwell Press
Deborah Poe, in collaboration with Renée D’Aoust and Selah Saterstrom

The ninth-annual exhibit includes work about climate, environment, and ecology, especially with work that engages historically under-represented communities, including communities of color and immigrant, refugee, and indigenous communities. This mini-exhibition includes handmade, homemade and letterpress chapbooks, one-of-a-kind editions, and broadsides.

The New York City exhibit takes place the month of April in the Birnbaum Library. Brendan Plann-Curley (Pace NY) manages this year’s NYC satellite exhibit.