The inaugural Handmade/Homemade Exhibit at Pace University, Westchester is on display the entire month of March in the Mortola Library. The mini-exhibition includes handmade, homemade and letterpress chapbooks, one-of-a-kind editions and broadsides. For exhibitor information, please see the previous post below.

Handmade/Homemade Exhibit, March 2009

The following events accompany the inaugural Handmade/Homemade Exhibit at Pace:

Bookmaking Workshop/Demonstration, Thursday March 12th at 3:30PM

Artist, writer and educator Jill Magi provides a bookmaking workshop Thursday, March 12th at 3:30PM in the Sculpture Room (P11) in Paton House, Pace University Westchester (next door to the Alfred Goldstein Fitness Center).

(Thanks to the Pace University bookstore and the Art Department for their donation of space and materials)

Opening/Reading, Thursday March 12th at 6:00PM

The opening/reading takes place Thursday, March 12th at 6PM in the Mortola Library, Pace University Westchester. Readers include Anne Gorrick, Kate Greenstreet, Brenda Iijima, Matthew Klane, Dorothea Lasky, Jill Magi, Lori Anderson Moseman and Kate Schapira.

URI Exhibit & Reading

The sister exhibit at University of Rhode Island, Providence is curated by Kate Schapira during the month of March in Providence. The URI reading takes place March 11th and includes readers Matthew Klane, Lori Anderson Moseman, Kate Schapira and Janaka Stucky.

Sample Works from the Exhibit

How to Read, Jill Magi

How to Read, Jill Magi

Filter Literary Journal, Jennifer Borges Foster

Filter Literary Journal Volume 2, Jennifer Borges Foster

Filter Literary Journal, Jennifer Borges Foster and Foursquare Editions, Jessica Smith

Filter Literary Journal Volume 2, Jennifer Borges Foster; Foursquare Editions, Jessica Smith

“Swans, the Ice,” She Said, Cynthia Winika & Anne Gorrick

“Swans, the Ice,” She Said, Cynthia Winika and Anne Gorrick

“Swans, the Ice,” She Said, Cynthia Winika and Anne Gorrick

What the Body Said, Kate and Max Greenstreet

Where’s the Body, Kate & Max Greenstreet

Brenda Iijima, Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs

Notes for Some Nominally Awake (Julie Ezelle Patton) and Shaved Code (Frances Richard)—Brenda Iijima, Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs

Katalanche Press, Jen Hofer, and Lori Anderson Moseman various

transportaciones, Jen Hofer; now soon new, Lori Anderson Moseman; Letters by which Sisters Will Know Brothers (Laura Solomon), Katalanché Press

Katalanche Press and Matthew Klane

“The Spanish Flinch” (Monica Fambrough) A Betwixt Press Monograph Printed as a Special Appendix, For American Weddings, Spring 2004; (background The Associated Press, Matthew Klane)

Kate Schapira's Days of Rage and Agouti, Jen Hofer's Tangelo

Tangelo, Patrick Durgin and Jen Hofer; Agouti and Days of Rage, Kate Schapira

Photographs, Robert Klaeger, March 2009

Jennifer Borges Foster, author photo

Jennifer Borges Foster is a poet, bookmaker, and the editor of Filter, a hand bound limited edition literary journal. She is the recent recipient of Art Patch, 4Culture and the Seattle Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs grants and was short-listed for The Stranger’s 2007 Genius Award in literature. Her poems have appeared in The Beloit Poetry Journal, Prairie Schooner, ZYZZYVA, and other journals, and several of her encaustic erasure paintings were featured in the gallery exhibition Less is More: the Poetics of Erasure at Simon Fraser University Gallery in Vancouver B.C.

Anne Gorrick, author photo

Anne Gorrick’s first book, Kyotologic, is available from Shearsman Books. Her work has been published in many places including: Fence, Otoliths, No Tell Motel and word for/word as well as anthologies including: The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel, Homage to Vallejo, and Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers. She curates the reading series Cadmium Text, featuring innovative writing from in and around New York’s Hudson Valley.

Kate Greenstreet, author photo

Kate Greenstreet is the author of case sensitive (Ahsahta Press, 2006) and three chapbooks, most recently This is why I hurt you (Lame House Press, 2008). Her second book, The Last 4 Things, will be published by Ahsahta in September 2009.

Jen Hofer, author photo

Jen Hofer’s recent publications include The Route, a collaboration with Patrick Durgin (Atelos, 2008), sexoPUROsexoVELOZ and Septiembre, a translation from Dolores Dorantes by Dolores Dorantes (Counterpath Press and Kenning Editions, 2008), lip wolf, a translation of Laura Solórzano’s lobo de labio (Action Books, 2007), and Sin puertas visibles: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry by Mexican Women (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003). Her forthcoming books are from the valley of death (Ponzipo), Laws (Dusie Books), one (Palm Press), and a translation of Guatemalan poet Alan Mills’ Síncope (Piedra Santa).

Brenda Iijima, author photo

Brenda Iijima lives in Brooklyn where she writes about animal-ableness. Forthcoming from Displaced Books is revv. you’ll—ution. She runs Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs:

Matthew Klane, author photo

Matthew Klane is founder and editor of Flim Forum Press. His new book is B_____ Meditations (Stockport Flats Press, 2008). Other recent work can be found in Absent, Otoliths, Open Letters Monthly and The New Chief Tongue. He currently lives and writes in Albany, New York. See:

Dorothea Lasky

Dorothea Lasky is the author of AWE (Wave Books, 2007) and Black Life (2010). She currently studies creativity and education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Jilll Magi, author photo

Jill Magi’s text-image works include Threads (Futurepoem 2007), the forthcoming Poetry Barn Barn! (2nd Avenue Press) and From the Body Project (Felt Press). Other books of poems are Torchwood (Shearsman 2008) and the chapbook Cadastral Map (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs 2005). Jill teaches literature, writing, and interdisciplinary arts at Goddard, Eugene Lang, and City Colleges.

Lori Anderson Moseman, author photo

Lori Anderson Moseman founded the High Watermark Salo[o]n Chapbook Series after Federal Disaster #1649, a Delaware River flood. She runs Stockport Flats press. Her poetry books are Walking the Dead, Cultivating Excess, Persona and Temporary Bunk.

Kate Schapira, author photo

Kate Schapira lives in Providence, where she writes, teaches, and runs the Publicly Complex Reading Series. In addition to her own homemade titles, she’s the author of three chapbooks published by other people, most recently The Love of Freak Millways and Tango Wax (Cy Gist Press), and she just started working as a Writer in the Schools for first and second graders. Kate Schapira is also co-curator of the sister Handmade/Homemade exhibit at University of Rhode Island in Providence.

Jessica Smith, author photo

Jessica is the editor of Outside Voices Press, an imprint of Bootstrap Productions. Her first book, Organic Furniture Cellar, was published in 2006. She also edits Foursquare, a monthly women’s poetry magazine.  Visit her website at for more info.

Janaka Stucky, author photo

Janaka Stucky is the founder and managing editor of Black Ocean, and publishes the magazine Handsome. Since receiving his BFA from Emerson and an MFA in Poetry from Vermont College in 2003, he remains rooted in Boston, developing the perfection of effort and ever-ready to serve you by word. Some of his poems appear or are forthcoming in: Cannibal, Denver Quarterly, Fence, North American Review, Redivider, and VOLT.